Sunday, February 11, 2007

wxWidgets Wizard Update: 11th Feb 07

Latest changes are:
  • Library selection page in Linux have been redesigned. Options have been regrouped (See the screenshot below).

  • Now it's possible for users to create a project with default wx lib configurations present in Linux.

Regrouped Options in Windows

Regrouped Options in Linux

Regrouped Options in Linux

Please download Code::Blocks Nightly Revision 3577 onwards to get these changes.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

wxWidgets Wizard Update: 6th Feb 07

There are a number of changes made to it last week.


  • Bugfix restoring PCH support for GCC. A bug was introduced in Revision 7 which disabled the PCH support.
  • Warning message added for Empty Project Creation.
  • Added option to use customised PCH header.
  • Grouped the various options in wxWidgets lib Configuration page.

The changes will be available with Revision 3570 of Code::Blocks ( and onwards.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

It’s Official Now!

You may be aware that I was working on improving the old wxWidgets Project wizard. I had released the 7th revision of the new wizard on 29th January 2007.

Now the Code::Blocks development team has merged the 7th revision with their latest Nightly Release (Released on 30th January 2007). That means now you don’t have to manually install it.

Any further revisions / modifications will be merged to the main repository directly. So there won’t be any code release through my blog. But you’ll be kept up-to-date on the changes made.

If you are using any old Nightly Build of Code::Blocks, then I would request you to upgrade to 30th January 2007 Nightly or Onwards to get the benefit of latest wxWidgets Project Wizard. Nightly builds are available from the following forum.

Have a nice experience with Code::Blocks.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Revision 7 of Modified wxWidgets Project Wizard of Code::Blocks

Revision 7 of wxWidgets project wizard of Code::Blocks is released.


  • Creation of Empty Project is now possible.
  • Wizard now generates customised header/source files. Filenames are generated on the basis of project name.
  • Wizard now accepts Author name, email and website to customise header/source files generated by the wizard.
  • Wizard now generates resource file in Windows. Default wx icon is used. XP theme support is also enabled using wx.rc file.
  • Wizard now remembers following preferences.
    • wxWidgets configuration settings
    • Author details

Free Image Hosting
Screenshot showing option to create empty project in Windows

Free Image Hosting
Screenshot showing option to create empty project in Linux

Free Image Hosting
Screenshot showing Author Details Page

Known Issues:
  • Resource file is not customised now and available only in Windows.
  • Does not remember additional wx lib selection (Work is in progress).

Download it from:

A detailed discussion on this topic can be found in Code::Blocks forum ( Please post your feedback and suggestions in Code::Blocks forum.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Revision 6 of Modified wxWidgets Project Wizard of Code::Blocks

Revision 6 of wxWidgets Project wizard is now available. This revision comes with several new features.


  • Added support (partial) for Linux and Mac (Untested). It's now possible to select different wxWidgets version present in Linux system.
  • Added option to select Static/Dynamic, ANSI/Unicode build of wxWidgets in Linux.
  • Added option to select Application Target Type in Windows (For Advanced users only)
  • Wizard now checks the presence of wx configuration, selected for project, precisely in Windows. Expect almost No false warning.
  • Couple of minor fixes and code clean-up.

New options available in Linux

Check the Highlighted option to change target type

Change Target Type here, but be cautious.

Tested in:

  • OpenSUSE 10.2 with GCC 4.1.2, wxGTK-2.6.3 & 2.8.0 Dynamic-(Debug/Release)-Unicode-Monolithic build of lib.

Known Issues:

  • Does not check the presence of wxWidgets lib in Linux system. So be careful to select correct lib configuration otherwise the generated project will fail to compile.
  • Checked with Monolithic builds in Linux; it may give you trouble if you are using non-monolithic builds in Linux.

Important Note:
Please be careful while changing Target Type. For GCC there shouldn't be any problem. But with BCC you'll have to manually change some compiler settings otherwise it won't link.

The new features may come with Gift of Hidden Bugs. Please share that gift once you get that. Wink Download the latest release from the following link.

Also please post your comments, feedbacks.

Hope you'd enjoy this new release. Very Happy

Saturday, January 20, 2007

How to Install New wxWidgets Project Wizard in Code::Blocks?

I have been posting the Modified wxWidgets Project wizard for the past couple of weeks. But there seems to be one missing point. How to install them? The installation details are already in the forum. Still I'm posting them for your convenience so that you do not need to scroll through the entire thread. The follwing procedure is applicable for Windows only.

First, download a Nightly Build of Code::Blocks from the following forum. Read the latest post and download the latest Nightly using the link provided in that post.

Now download two more files from the following link.

wxWidgets Runtime DLL

MinGW Runtime

Now extract all the files to a folder, e.g. C:\CodeBlocks

Run the codeblocks.exe to launch Code::Blocks IDE.

To Install the Modified wxWidgets Project Wizard, please follow the following steps. Download the latest revision of project wizard from the following post.

wxWidgets Project Wizard - Revision 7

You'll find that the zip file contains a folder named wxwidgets which contains some file. Now extract the folder to following location {Code::Blocks Dir}\share\CodeBlocks\templates\wizard folder and overwrite the existing wxwidgets folder and files inside that. If you wish you may keep a backup of existing folder.

That's it. You have now successfully installed new wizard.

Please remember that it is a Development Release and there might be bugs.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Revision 5 of Modified wxWidgets Project Wizard of Code::Blocks

Here comes the Revision 5 of the modified wizard. Only one new feature has been added.

  • Supports Microsoft Visual C++ 7.1 Compiler.

  • PCH support is activated for MSVC 7.1 compiler.
Few Important Notes:
  • Wizard assumes that Multi-threaded Dynamic C and C++ Runtimes are being used. If you are using wx lib statically linked with C Runtime Library (CRT) you should make couple of changes in the libraries added. I'll discuss it later in this post.

  • Wizard generated projects will fail during linking if it doesn't find msvcprt[d].lib

I've tested the wizard for MSVC 7.1 with wxPack. I've found that static libraries are statically linked with CRT. That may generate the following error if you are using this wizard with wxPack's static libs.
wxbase28d.lib(baselib_datetime.obj) : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol _timezone
OLDNAMES.lib(timezone.obj) : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol _timezone
OLDNAMES.lib(timezone.obj) : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol __timezone
To solve this, do the following; Go to Project & Build Options menu, then go to Linker tab. Remove msvcrt[d].lib from Linker Libraries section and add libcmt[d].lib. Also remove /NODEFAULTLIB:libcmt[d].lib from Linker Options section.

Please download the wizard files from the following link.

If your installation does not have msvcprt[d].lib then visit the following websites to get more details on how to create it.

Enjoy Coding!